1. bluemusician

    Her tits are nothing to get excited about.

  2. Joni

    You would think the Royal Family would be a bit sharper on this picture experience!! I am not on the world’s “most watched peoples list” in any way….but people who are need to know there isn’t any such thing as privacy anywhere anymore!! It is ashame that these photos got out, and I am in no way bashing Kate, but with tech in this world, be vigilant! There are ones that throw themselves into the view of the shutter….and they are shamelss, but being of Welsh decent, and loving the fresh air that this lady brings to the table, I hope this passes quickly for her…..then we will see…anyone can make a mistake once, however if you make the same mistake… have learned nothing!! Good Luck Kate, you are going to be “in view of the Eagles EYE” (they see everything) for a long, long time!!

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