1. Really

    No, seriously, it just looks like swamp. You can build condos with little unicorn paddocks. Seriously. Oh, and here’s a title. Real? Of course it’s real!

  2. SuperficialAdmin

    that shit was photoshopped

  3. John FREEman

    Right, so this is his strawman account (note the all CAPITAL letters). Everyone knows this documenet is just his artificial person created at birth buy the global Jewish elite, the Bilderberg Group and the Illuminati as collateral for bailing the U.S. out of bankruptcy in 1933.

    In other words: it’s meaningless.

    Show me that the president has gone through the full REDEMPTIVE PROCESS, taken back his strawman, regained his natural person and cashed in his birth certificate for the $10,000,000.

  4. reformed_druid

    Word processors didn’t exist in 1961, this was done with a word processor.

  5. j

    every president should be required to make his birth certificate public. Barack “nose candy” obama should have done this years ago. We know more about john mccains class rank at annapolis and gw bush’s transcripts than we did about barry’s birth origin, which by the way is kinda, sorta a constitutional requirement. But, who follows that thing, its not like you have to ask congress to unilaterally bomb libya.

  6. barry soetoro

    fine, they printed a birth certificate. *etch that image “IMAGE” into your brain*

    but “who is barry soetoro”
    google that phrase and learn something that is actually NEWSWORTHY.

    Wake up people. Our vote doesn’t matter, the banksters and their friends are running the show all over the world.

  7. Elf

    I don’t believe this for a second. If he was born in 1961, how come the birth certificate was in pdf-format? Hm?

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