1. hollywood_hillbilly

    Curses! Back to the drawing board of ways to distract the masses while we give the top 1% even more money!

  2. jd

    thank christ obama got rid of that distraction. now he can focus on massive unemployment, exploding debt, supporting rebels who behead people in the name of islam, going to war without congressional support, golf, cronyism, union payoffs, promoting class warfare, investing in technology that doesn’t work, and furthering executive and/or federal overreach that he decried Bush for! FINALLY.

    o and f trump. obama was dead on calling him a sideshow barker.

  3. Joe

    I don’t give a crap if he was born in Afghanistan or that his uncle was the fuhrer. If he solves our gas prices, unemployment, brings the troops home, stop foreclosures, heals global warming and saves a baby seal (you get the idea). I will follow him to the end, it shouldn’t matter where he is born its what he does.

  4. haggard

    His birth certificate has been online for a long time. On the white house page…ever since all this “Hes not a citizen” stuff started forever ago

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