1. Dr. Jack

    It wasn’t the chick-banging but the corny dialog about trying to manipulate people, the portrayal of JFK’s father as a clown, and the supposed conspiratorial meetings to try to con the American public. This was ham bone Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck level shit. If you saw the trailer for it, you’d laugh to see what a hack job it was. Even the ultra-conservative Hitler Channel knew it couldn’t get away with it without sacrificing the last once of credibility it never had.

  2. And History Channel will continue showing the ANCIENT ALIENS “documentaries”, so this crappolla must have been more fake than the voting in the last “So you think you can dance.”

  3. vimpaler

    Nice picture of Dr Girlfriend ;D

  4. Do you guys remember how once upon a time not so long ago we used to think this woman was hot? Undead gay midget penis black magic is evil, man…

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