1. Goddamn it! Use an HD camera, would you? I want to be able see the pores on her vag.

    • Bryan

      There’s just no reason for a leaked photo taken after 2011 to be that blurry and dark. Are people still using Motorola Razrs for these things??

  2. henri hill

    it looks like a video still…

  3. This has all the indications of a deliberately “leaked” photo. Body positioned so nothing is showing, plus inexplicably low quality. I think someone’s publicity agent is trying to generate a little buzz.

  4. Eddie

    For the record the necklace, watch and ring is shown in a lot of her intsgram photos.

    The story behind the picture is, some douche was lucky enough to bang her at the Ultra festival in Miami and secretly took a picture using his phone which is why she has that look on her face. Don’t know why it’s so blurry though.

    • If that fucker was smart, he’d never waste another dime on lottery tickets again, because he’s clearly used all his luck already.

    • Deacon Jones

      Makes sense. I know a guy who banged Stacey Kiebler years ago at a hotel bar in NY. Pretty normal looking guy, most of these girls would rather that than constantly get linked with this high profile assholes.

      Nina needs a little nookie too!

  5. Mr. Fahrenheit

    That’s okay. We can always throw away those sheets.

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