1. karlito

    hey look at me. i can eat a hamburger and show the indents going to my cunt. ain’t i special. doesn’t take to much to become famous these days. just act like a whore and your in.

  2. Crotch Lover

    You’re a woman ^, aren’t you…
    Go burn your bra somewhere else.

  3. ITP

    Reallllllly wishing that magnifying glass was in the corner…

  4. monty83

    Notice how there are no BITES out of that burger.

  5. BeckyStyle

    That chicken burger doesn’t look as tasty at that Fur Burger! Mmmmm

  6. this is a serious question…is there a name for those dimpled areas on the inner thighs adjacent to the bikini bottoms? I love those so much. Surely they have a name.

  7. Juch

    This is the only photo that makes me thing about eating fish.

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