1. some black dude

    Pornstar. good looking one but a pornstar none the less. I liken it to seeing a nice BMW you want to buy, It looks beautiful but then you find the previous owner used it for mud bogging and drag racing. you still kind of want it but in all practicality you aren’t going to touch it.

    • Inner Retard

      Since I know I’m never going to drive this BMW I don’t have a problem with her being a pornstar. In fact since she has a great body might as well enjoy the professionally shot videos of someone driving the hell out of her.

  2. cc

    She’s a pornstar? Pity, that’s a magnificent ass.

    • You sir/madam are a joke.So if Nicole approached you and stated she would allow you to do anything with her , you would turn her down because she does porn? I’m assuming you know the existence of condoms and safe sex but not a steady GF?

  3. john

    doing porn just means the ass has been tenderized.

  4. She looks like she is wax or CGI. Is that really a real person?

  5. I don’t care how many times that’s been hit, I’d like to be next in line.

  6. I saw one of her scenes. It was pretty good.

  7. henry hill

    she’s had a lot of work done. i saw the one where she bled.

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