1. franzia

    i guess staring into your future of nic cage’s hairline, the long hair of sadness and gloom are almost forgivable.

  2. miles

    holy shit! in picture 4 he’s holding a calendar which looks to be titled “girls and corpses.” that’s awesome. i don’t think in a million years i would have though of something so messed up.

  3. mark

    the guy is a silver spooned rich kid, growing up had the best of everything and now he thinks he hard core metal??? BAHAHAHAHAH!!! yeah ok…

  4. misterfister

    This guy looks like the lead singer of Slayer.

  5. savannah


  6. jonny5

    all the man wanted was some fucking chocolate milk!!

  7. Just_As_it_IS

    These Superficial jokes are getting boring… Is it that from now on almost every post will end with a fictional dialogue? (So delusional and not funny even for celebs, I may add). Really, it’s been so long since these posts were actually funny.

  8. Losing a fight to your personal trainer ain’t metal. Neither is fighting over chocolate milk or having a personal trainer in the first place.

  9. Nicolas Cage fucked Joaquin Phoenix??

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