1. zigzags


  2. zigzags

    and she looks like a datty booger

  3. jimmy

    She looks like she just fell out of a Sid and Marty Krofft kids tv series.

  4. Tidy Bowler

    Ewww. Not hot and hot talented

  5. NOI

    Is that a black woman wearing fake tan?
    What has the world come to

  6. Misana

    I actually never thought I’d see her in a bikini.

  7. turd da third

    disgusting….. that would make some seriously awful booty sweat… can’t even imagine the stink coming out of that

  8. vgirly

    How is this even humanly possible? It looks like a reflection from one of those silly mirrors at the amusement park.

  9. jelly

    This is one case where hopefully the drapes DON’T match the carpeting!!! Yuck!!!

  10. Kathryn

    A young girls dream. Fat ass barbie and the jeweled troll.

  11. prissy

    she’s gross

  12. Engendering a slew of girls who want to be troll dolls when they grow up.

  13. CranAppleSnapple

    Does she have a flesh-eating fungus on her ribcage and boob?

  14. Cardinal Fang

    Body top half doesn’t match the bottom half. Almost looks like a bad photoshop job. Like someone took a nice torso and stuck Kardashian’s big ass on the bottom.

  15. Hate the hair.i think its too childish grow up nikki

  16. Isa

    How is that body even possible?

  17. Joe

    i would fuck her anytime with tht big of a booty

  18. maria miguel

    nicki I ma one of your best fans wen I grow up I want to de like you. I want to met you one day that my dream I love you you are my best rap sing I love I going to live you my phone number: 718-9266066

  19. cardieey

    nicki..keep it up..i really lurv da best..YMCMB..

  20. Kevin

    white racists will never understand black beauty. You are the ones who basically globalize “implants” and “tanning” in an effort to be more voluptuous and hide your pale cancer prone skin. Get Real.

  21. nathan wright

    damn u r cute wih the bikini also nicki manaj

  22. falonemimi

    u a so hot keep up dear

  23. She’s just ridiculous. Ridiculously hot and sexy.

  24. This fucking comment board looks like English as a Second Language 101.

  25. Patsy hudson Faith

    So qht

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