1. rican

    i’ve seen that ass in

  2. MissPriss

    This isn’t a music video still. It’s a promo shot for the new E! show, “Name That Kardashian From Behind.”

  3. Snooki's Taint


  4. Roger That

    I’d eat that ass :)

  5. El Jefe

    Is that bikini made out of Adamantium?

  6. NOI

    Nasty gross

  7. vgirly

    Beached whale.

  8. Nobody

    I love a girl who can wear a size 2 top, and a size 22 bottom.

  9. winter_rogue

    Is that a diaper?

  10. if you cut out everything except her thighs and ass, it’s scary looking

  11. scarleth

    es obio que el culo de esta maje es operado

  12. I gotta say it:…. What an ass!!!

  13. ed

    i dont care what they all say youll never leave my bed at all

  14. I can see harpoon scars

  15. yumm

    the Mermaid farts …

  16. Normally they beach themselves in pods.

  17. Wow. You mean he ACTUALLY banged that hot box of rainbow colored ghetto funk?

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