1. See Alice

    Ever watch that cartoon . Filled with hidden agendas . Educational , only a very fringe part of society

  2. Hmmmmm


  3. Rick's Daddy

    No thanks. Flat ass in orange shorts isn’t appeasing to me.

  4. toopier

    jessica alba is not appealing to you? ummmm gay.

  5. Yuneil

    Sell you light

  6. What she said

    @ Rick’s Daddy

    So gay. Just come out of that closet now dude, it’s the 21st century. We can see it, why can’t you?

  7. burton

    she doesnt do anything for me either…idk, shes boring and has an ugly butt now…i like ellen page..cute girls…women.

  8. Ray

    She hasn’t had body since Idle Hand, cute face flat ass.. pass.

  9. mememe

    That ass is far from flat. It’s just small. Round, plump, and small. Those just aren’t good shorts for her.


    Who’s ASS would you rather see, mine, KK’s or her’s?

  11. Ray Sist.

    Why do we need some fence hopper cartoon bitch teaching Spanish to our kids? What about German or Chinese or Russian? Why the fucking most irritating sounding language?

  12. Soviet Snow

    I’d explore THAT Dora! Back DOORa that is.

  13. James

    Jessica Alba. I don’t where those pictures came from but i can
    safely say that she could make a trash bag look sexy.

    I dare anyone to say outerwise.

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