1. Franksinatrastein

    Dora the Thief is what my kids were taught.

    There’s Dora, walking along a path. Uh-oh… she’s stopped by a river! No problem, there’s a canoe right here! Can you say “canoe?” Very good. Now, Dora climbs into the canoe and rows across.

    Three minutes later she’s screaming “SWIPER, NO SWIPING!” after just stealing a canoe and leaving it on the wrong side of the river.

    Happened virtually every show. Half the stuff in her backpack was stuff she “found” along the way… in people’s yards and such.


  2. Brian

    She looks like a latin Natalie Portman.

  3. lassetjus

    is it just me or her face kind of looks like jessica alba?

  4. toopier

    is it just me or does her body look like jessica alba? you are hilarious or an idiot. i vote hilarious.


  6. dora

    yeah, comon this has got to be jessica alba. the story made me think twice that it’s the chic he is talking about doing her promotional dress-ups, because there was no reference to alba. but after seeing the rest of the pics its totally alba, it’s not even a she looks like her, but more she is a complete replica of her.

    and checking the photos again, it looks like alba has dressed as dora for Halloween or something, as u see all the others with her are playing dress-ups too.

  7. Willy Wonka

    I’d like to ‘explora’ her Vag…

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