1. No gay bar visit would be complete without posing for a picture with someone’s drunk mom.

  2. Kountry

    I know Tron fights for the users but I think he is beginning to take the term far too literally.

  3. Pangulin

    Fish, WTF! This is just about the biggest piece of crap non-story you have posted recently. The pictures are just about as racy as watching paint dry and the behavior depicted is less scandalous than any picture ever published of Lindsay Lohan falling down drunk! In fact a picture of a dog and a cat laying side by side would be more scandalous than these pictures of Miley having fun, hanging out with a friend.
    It is very funny that just yesterday Kelly Osborne shot down claims that Miley was a corrupting influence for her and that the Osborne family was concerned for her sobriety because of that fact. Now, we have what are claimed to be “racy” photos of Miley doing what exactly?
    I call “BULLSHIT” on your reporting of this one!

  4. Hey Mom, I’m just going down to the “Gloryhole” to hang out with Maximus and Cyclops. Have you seen my jorts?

  5. Cock Dr

    Things are getting more & more interesting with this one.
    Keep dabbling lil girl. Show us your how liberated & independent you are.

  6. I

    I know Fish believes BillyRay grew Miley in a lab (and he may be correct), but either way in her current human form her head can’t be popped off and affixed to a new body as the mood suits. The “racy” picture looks like someone photo-shopped a Miley head on someone else’s body — it can’t be real, any raciness aside. Just creepy.

  7. Chris Hansen's taint

    The pucker lips things is so stupid. Every fucking girl does it in every fucking photo.

    • AW

      Not this girl. Agreed, however, that it *is* stupid. Whenever I see a photo of someone making that face I almost expect them to start drooling on themselves and wonder why they don’t have their rubber helmet on.

  8. mrsdestinyhope

    is that really Miley’s body in the 2nd photo? Everyone knows MC’s albs are not “THAT FIT*

  9. 52

    her face is far too ugly. she looks like she’s constantly got food stashed in her cheeks. billy and his bitch made one ugly kid

  10. Danklin

    Miley is definitely following in Britney’s footsteps. Remember the pic Britney took in a thong next to the gay dude? I swear gays flock to these chicks.

  11. boogieman

    why does she always pout her lips like a fuking retard

  12. Yahweh

    She’ll be posing for Playboy before the end of 2011 and it will be meh.

  13. welldoneson

    So, she’s partying at a gay bar. big deal.

    I’m more concerned that in a picture of two women and three men,
    by far the ugliest is one of the women.

    Not Miley BTW.

  14. Bigo

    I see a Linday Lohan on the making…. just wait till New Year’s Eve!!!

  15. James

    Her assistant looks very old and haggard and those guys look Gay so where’s the scandal?

  16. Melissa

    What a great role-model!! Every young girl should look up to her because she has an inspiring career.

  17. angerME

    why do girls always make those stupid “look at me im pouting my lips because im edgy and cool” faces….i dont see why this is news, if you didnt think miley cyrus would become a slut then you were just in denial, it was only a matter of time

  18. Lola

    Miley needs to go to rehab Or somthing cant belive she was a disney star wat an embarassment to even have her as a Celeb she is so selfish kidz all over luv her an shes setting such a bad example to kidz shes a slut an she knows it

    • kaybay

      Jus bc she is ‘tryin’ to live a normal teenage life she is a slutt?? She don’t have to be lil miss perfect for all the kids that will oneday be partying and living their own jus like miley is; if I were you girl I’d live it up fuck what anyone thinks be true to you and live your life for you; however jus bc the world watches every lil step you take and then has sumthing negative to say about it I’d be a lil more cautious as to what you do and don’t want them to see; but if you don’t care do it to jus piss em off; their only jealous;

  19. Elf

    “See? These men are gay. This is therefore not sinful. Just like being fucked in the ass and giving head still makes you a virgin and pure in the eyes of the Lord!” – M. Cyrus.

  20. Dannyoui

    Not that you look bad as you are but it would nice if you got a Boob job and show them off , You are so F-in hot

  21. Candy

    she’s such a fuckin slut no one likes her!!!

  22. Wendel

    I’m sorry for being so out of touch, but why are we suppose to care one way or the other?

    DO any of you even own a Miley Cyrus CD?
    Is she the Cher of her generation?
    Is there anything significant about her or her “talent” that is suppose to make this blog worthy?

    I am missing something here I am sure.

    • Tuesday

      you’re not missing anything. i’m always confused why miley makes headlines. it’s obvious she’s on a downward spiral, and all the publicity is just edging her on.

  23. smellers

    God damn, her face is so wrecked and ghastly. The only thing she’s got going is her youth, and that’s about to expire. But America loves our fucking hillbillies (Taylor swift, britney spears, bristol palin,etc). I’m kinda leaning towards eugenics and cleaning out the old gene pool .

  24. Bruno

    These pictures make me LIKE her.

  25. scarlet

    she is definitely wired!! her eyes look like saucers!

  26. Andrea/Katie

    She is putting her self out there like a slut

  27. Unbelievable!

    She’s nothing but trailer trash! Speaks horribly, can’t sing or act…she’ll implode sooner or later. Definitely not a role model for young girls. Oh, and she’s a very ugly gir, will only get uglier as she ages.

  28. lyric

    it suprised me and fuck to u miley

  29. lyric

    dumb ass

  30. Ned

    I understand she’s having reconstructive surgery on one of her ears to create another orifice. 3 penises at one time just isn’t enough anymore.

  31. Chick

    She almost looks like one of the Olsen twins here.

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