1. Amanda

    Amy Winehouse is Miley’s assistant?

  2. freaky

    I believe that the assistant could take me in a fair fight. And I might not put up much resistance….if it were dark.

  3. Rough, the true meaning of xmas

    Id like to splatter all over her fat tits so Miley can lick em off. That’ll be her carte blanche into womanhood

    • Rough, the true meanin of xmas

      I’m reading this chick might be a tribber at heart, so ill have to retract my comment about exploding off her 65% of FAT fun bags. Surely you don’t want to splatter on someone who’s going to be repulse by it…She can feel icky in her own time.

    • dobbs

      So what you’re saying is you have no idea what carte blanche means.

  4. seriously?

    sooo anything she does now is news huh. lemme kno when miley takes a shit

    sorry for partying

  5. frcrkr

    I likes da grlz with the grlz parts (thats boobs for the witless)

  6. James Dean

    Nice stomach rolls and crooked face on this dude

  7. Audio Indentured Servant

    terfect pits

  8. Andrea/Katie

    Mileys new girlfriend looks like a monkey…..i think she should wear a better bra than that.lol!:)

  9. Jazzy

    Miley is a

  10. chris


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