1. chelsea

    surprisee. she should just disappear…the funny thing is… she’s bashing herself. no one else has to do it for her. hahahah.

  2. oldfool

    When did Miley start hanging with Amy Winehouse?

  3. Kelly

    I didn’t know Max from Saved By The Bell was able to get tan.

  4. Andrea/Katie

    Is she really a lesbian? That is so uncool. What about Liam. She really down sided from a hunk to a girllllll?????? What is she thinking. She is supposed to be a rolemodel. Now al little girls are gonna be a lesbian.

  5. za

    No lesbian. But she’s to fat!

  6. TAMMY

    her dad spoiled her all the way thru life too , that s how i see it a little rich millioNaire she surpose to be a role model but i guess she wants girls that are not popular to act like her i laugh, she ,s surpose to be looking like a LESBIAN, OR WEARING STUFFLIKE THAT AT ALL

  7. hmm

    fat nothing, that chick is stacked! I’d hit it in a heartbeat

  8. James Dean

    stacked? stacked with fat

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