1. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    Does anyone else forsee a lesbian sex tape?

  2. whawha

    Quick get a stick! There’s a horse attacking Miley!

  3. Rich

    The way I see it, they are in a gay bar, and they are way to close to each other to be anything but a gay thing going on..I am not against her being gay,,but if your going to be out in public like that ,then don’t try to hide it…Step up and open up..Don’t lie to your fans….

  4. George C.

    She is just an 18 year old trying on her sexuality. No big deal really. All of your daughters have done the same, though you might not want to know that.

  5. used to be young too

    Ya know, this girl is a young adult now, she is spreading her wings and learning just like everyone does at that age and some a whole lot younger than that, i think its time that these old prudes give it up and let miley be, maybe if you don’t like what she is doing you should make your daughters go back to watching sesime street and barney, maybe they will remain babied and you can stick a tit in their mouths a little bit longer, we all grow up, im betting that many of these moms who are yanking on miley have done the very same thing but they were just not in the public eye when they did. tisk tisk, you have to let your kids learn that there is a time that they will be growing up, miley seems to be trying to tug her t-shirt down a bit and that assistant is older and is certainly influancing miley.
    i think miley is doing what all kids her age do, You go miley, spread your wings and fly hunny!

  6. Vonnie Gross

    Just leave her alone….she is a woman now….get over it…she is not “Hannah Montana” anymore….as a mother of four grown girls….she is living her life NOT yours!

  7. ya boy

    send her my way


    The Assistant has a WAY better body than Miley. I don’t blame Miley – i’d be all over her too.

  9. hmm

    sexy assistant
    not all women are built like 16-yo boys

  10. kitty

    OMG Miley is actually COVERED UP in the pic with her and the girl when their alone.its further in the row.but i just bout fell over and died cuz shes actually COVED.she actually has some CLOTHES ON! :O

  11. uwish

    looks like her assestent is just as fuckin sluty as she is

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