1. Meh

    Duck face. :0

  2. more bounce to the ounce

    that ‘old ripped up t-shirt’ costed $100…united states dollars.

  3. desx

    is it just me, or in pic 8 does the expression on miley’s face make her look like a stepford wife whose brain just got switched off? or possibly that she just smoked a bowl and is mesmerized by a giant hershey bar behind the photographer.

    • Samantha

      I say it’s just her hillbilly genes showing through. Either way, she’s disgusting. Obviously, her parents have done a lousy job of being parents.

  4. Jenjen

    Her assistant will probably be one of those nuts that stalk the chipmunk wonder, Miley, when she finally fires her for being obsessed with her.

  5. NoMoreInsideJobs

    That ‘assistant’ looks like she is frothing at the gash for Miley.

  6. sara

    Get rid of the clingon Morticia (assistant). She is assisting Miley into Lindsay Lohan syndrome. Another one bites the dust. MIley has personal experience with temporary fame in her family so she really should get real.

  7. Kat Mandu

    What disturbs me is the fact that there are idiots looking at these pictures that will be duped by an obvious attempt at social manipulations and attention seeking. Miley is about as sexy as a can of dog food.

  8. andrada

    prosti mai sunteti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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