1. Kia

    Why does she look terrified in the first picture? Did she finally realize that letting friends take candids of her might not be the best idea?

    • ramblin man

      DUDE, she’s an 18 year old girl from the rural south living in LA with no positive male influence………obviously her boyfriends are pussy’s there for their 15 minutes of fame. She needs someone in LA that she trusts to handle all of the things she isn’t as good at………I don’t really know the history, but I think until recently it was her father………….and nobody her age onstage wants pop’s on the bus………..
      “once in a while you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right”

  2. taz

    I don’t see the attraction, she is f$%king ugly. My dogs ass looks better than her face.

    • jim

      Her bank account is attractive though.

    • Miley is not ugly..Why do people have to put down other people? Does it make you feel good to say hurtful things to someone because she’s famous?

      • ramblin man

        ANYBODY who at the least doesn’t think that she is attractive would lead me to believe that he is more attracted to cucumbers and pickles…….It’s times like ths that I wonder………… you live in the playboy mansion?

  3. me

    Spinderella and the monkey

  4. Cock Dr

    The assistant looks as if she could fingerbang a girl pretty damned hard.

  5. absinthe

    How fast until we find out they’re lesbians together? I see a bright 2011 in the future.

  6. mike boston

    I think that StripeyHair McGiantBoobies is taking her home for a session of carpet munching. And I’d love to watch.

  7. James Dean

    The assistant “man” is pretty much Miley’s…………….slave

  8. JC4

    who’s the booch?

  9. Skunk Hunter

    Pic 8………Miley looks ripe to be picked off by a passing semi…classic deer in the headlights look. PePe LePuke is headed off to the vet to have her scent gland removed……great hoots, but I’m guessing only chicks ever see them unclad.

  10. SW

    What is with her lips ??
    Are they permanently like that from sucking too much cock ?

  11. bibi

    Her assistant has great tits.

  12. Kim

    Are we sure that Ms. Miley is not gay???? Seems like she cannot keep a boyfriend and these photos sugget that she might be walking on the other side of the road if so welcome and want to visit me LOL

  13. kiwi

    I think miley has turned bi

  14. Nate

    Come on like we didn’t know she and Selena Gomez didn’t bump nubs? Miley is bisexual.

  15. mannequin

    My god , she is hideous.

  16. smashley

    she looks like a scared little kid… disgusting. she is an effing moron. this girl needs an education and a parent…

  17. Tenacious V

    Who cares? She’s legal now. ANd who’s the chick with the skunk stuck to her head?

  18. Miley Cyrus ………..THINNER

    Miley Cyrus ………GETTING HUGE!

  19. she is hideous……….SO BIG!!

    • ramblin man

      that’s because this “journalist” has pictures of another girl thrown in (her manager?) who seems to have (choreographed this picture, in Miley’s best PR interest……….I mean her own best interest) , who when updating this pagepurposely tagged every photo (even the ones of just the manager as “Miley Cyrus………….” which was the same wording as all of the other pictures…….making people think that the manager is Miley” giving the manager MORE search engine results under MC’s name. This kind of journalism is not only corrupt, but it could (and by principle only) should result in a lawsuit. So when people are searching pics of miley, this girl will come up in search results.

      ……… doesn’t look to me like miley knew the “setup” and in pic one looks like she is being violated………..I’m guessing that this didn’t last much longer than the time 2 snap a couple shots……….she needs a manager who knows a “safe zone” from a “lions den”……what’s this “managers” name? I would be confused as hell if I was Miley……does the manager do any more than take her to paprazzi hangouts?”

  20. jerry

    shes the best $2.00 bj you can get

  21. APerson

    The assistant is sexy! Miley suxs, tho. Used to watch Hannah Montana, six years ago… Assistant’s tits are so yummy.

    • ramblin man

      is that what you say while posing in the mirror? keyword assistant, manager, not miley cyrus, miley cyrus.

  22. marsha

    Miley is disgusting. Little girls into Hanna Montana should be shielded from her new antics. Role Model? Ha, no effing way.

  23. TADAA

    Wow so many people hate on Miley. With her parents divorce i think this is her way of acting out. And i know shes trying to show people that she can grow up, but she is going about it in the completely wrong way. Still cut her some slack people!! Half of the photos she was barely in. and most of the other 1′s shes wearing a long baggy t-shirt and leggings. if thats racy i must be such a slut.

  24. JeepManfrmCan

    Eeeeeeew! being from Canada that “thing” with Miley is what we call a “ditchpig”. Miley needs more respectable looking people to hang with.

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