1. Cock Dr

    Some one get the blogger some ice. He’s overheated.

  2. dork

    So here’s how we determine of the pix are fakes or not. Miss Lively kindly provides a few genuine nudes of herself which we can compare to the alledged photos. I volunteer to compare nips, labia, and ass crack topography.

  3. Big Ass Bunny Feet

    This a real photo of fake breasts.

  4. Doc Schweinstrudel

    are those tits or he buttcheeks?

  5. Kaywoodie Sucker

    I feel like I am at the fucking library.

  6. fuckoff

    Seriously? Haha. Those look just like mine which are real and great. In my experienced opinon ;) she’s probably doing the old ‘squeeze them with the arms but dont get the arms in the shot’, OR simply wearing a common La Senza push-up bra, those things work wonders. BTW the other pics barely look like her. Aw, she’s kinda cute actually. Peace out.

  7. sdrizzle

    Since when do pictures of someones neck and cleavage constitute as “nude”?

  8. sara

    well there r many “home pictures” which u can see is taken with the same phone, only some of them r nude, only some of them shows her boobs r fake and that she has an old phone and the pics were taken before she had a nose job, but ALL of them show the pics r REAL.

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