1. 10/10 would gallery again.

  2. This guy has great potential as a gigolo, but he can’t act for shit. He couldn’t even act his dick into Sookie, which is bizarre because even Rutger Hauer almost got a piece of that.

  3. mark

    Liam Neeson’s cock?

  4. Joe who

    Damn, this guy is such a fucking tool. And every time I go to the movies, his stupid ice cream commercial pops up, illustrating what a completely untalented hack he is. The fact that they’re even considering him is amazing in a profoundly tragic way. And for as big as he is, he’s too manufactured and oafy and prissy. He moves like an awkward maligned pussy, like he’s never known a fight or what it’s like to be a man. He looks like a big, slow, shaven tree.

  5. AtLeastItsNotMarkyMark

    “Because not only would he have shot his own parents to get into character” –is singularly one of the greatest comments about Daniel Day-Lewis ever. I’m still laughing!!!

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