1. Now we know who ordered the fisting.

  2. Tron

    *sniff sniff* The faint sent of tuna, and Tucks medicated pads.

  3. guttboy

    The resources expended on making this swamp donkey look even remotely bangable could feed untold hundreds of starving people. That being said…I still would…..

  4. achilles wrath

    It wouldn’t be so bad if these skanks were remotely good looking but they’re not. Rihanna, Madonna and this trash could all give the hydra a run for its money.

  5. motron

    Is she standing on a dwarf there in the front? What the fuck?

  6. joe

    Blue man there is gonna need some serious hand sanitizer.

  7. The pep squad’s “Tribute to Iwo Jima” was not well received.

  8. Note to self: do not have Tim Burton and Terry Gilliam collaborate for next dance routine.

  9. JMA

    He’s just looking for his keys.

  10. John


  11. In the very next picture, he’s vanished up to the elbow and screaming.

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