1. That there is a fucking tragedy. I just felt a quarter of my pubescent alone time suck back into me in the shape of a Species VHS tape.

  2. Anon

    I was going to give her the benefit of the doubt because of her age but I just learned younger than I am. She needs to hit the gym.

  3. guttboy

    She just looks better to me…..More attainable and more fun:)

  4. Mr. Fahrenheit

    It’s like staring into the tits of God.

  5. buzz

    If they are too heavy now, I’ll hold them up for her.

  6. BryceT

    Between Species and The Whole Nine Yards…she ranked on my top 5 list. Sexy as all hell. I see in IMDB she is still acting….so what gives?

  7. Dan

    I like.

  8. Fuck, I’d still wreck that. You know half of you had a friend whose mom looked like this and ya slapped your salami to her like it owed you money.

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