1. That Guy

    This just in, girls grow body hair just like men.

    Awfully virgin in here.

  2. dudecomeon

    This is, by far, one of the hottest photos ever. Her tits look cute, and I’m quite fond of the blonde fuzz on her legs (she’s a real woman).

  3. Mark

    Indeed I also prefer her light hair (which every woman has) compared to shopped fake high maintenance bimbos anyday. If you guys haven’t seen anything she’s been in check out “dirty sexy money” (sadly canned some years ago) and “hung” and around 2004 in “The Shield” she’s an awesome actress and seems to be a really nice person as well.

  4. Mark

    Watch this one: youtube. com /watch?v=woIB1Cxd0Sw

  5. mercy

    It’s easy to be “not a bra person” when you have tiny boobs. If I didn’t wear a bra I would inadvertently knock shit over all day long.

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