1. neo

    Now it’s dark…mommy…mommy…don’t you look at me!!

  2. Bionic_Crouton

    There is no movie. Terrence Malick just felt like dressing Natalie Portman in tight revealing clothes and parading her around Texas. To that I say “Well Played” and “Thank you”.

  3. Genetically Superior

    Brain and beauty: she should reproduce more for the sake of future generations. It is sad that instead we have bimbos like Jessica Alba having multiple kids.

  4. Flame On

    It happens but once a cycle, but it would appear that she is the next to be blessed with an improved body post-pregnancy (see Kerr, Miranda)

  5. Words fail me at this moment.

  6. freeksho

    baby hungry ….feed meeeeee!!!

  7. Derek

    She was attractive before, but she’s HOT now.

    Lucky folks in Austin last weekend. Hook ‘em!

  8. hank

    Dat gap

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