1. Melissa

    Holy I’m jealous!! She looks amazing!

  2. Samualson

    OH…. My……

  3. glace neuf

    my god, i would do many, many bad things to hit it

  4. jawny

    I like syrup with my pancakes. How ’bout you?

  5. carson

    I literally think she might be the most beautiful girl in the world.

  6. coljack

    I see they were incredibly faithful to historical accuracy – true story, medieval royals wore animal skin thongs to avoid unsightly “loincloth lines” in their tunics.

  7. fester

    She is so skinny that she looks pretty much the same from the front or the back. Is it an ass crack or a camel toe? Nobody really knows…
    Not that it matters, if she plays her cards right she could have me.

  8. Good god.

    Good goddy goddy god. I’d kill a hobo to hit that. I’d kill a member of my own family….

  9. Carissa

    She is very beautiful and the jealous part of me wants to say she is overrated, but she actually is the second coming of the messiah.

  10. Naked Chicks Rule

    SW, you have fulfilled your destiny here on earth. The internet world thanks you.

  11. Simole

    Note to Ke$ha: This is what a woman’s ass is supposed to look like.

  12. markonius maximus

    Nasatall – Pretty as all get out, but NO JUNK in that Trunk.

    She’s aight.

  13. honorable

    Damn, why are these pics on the same page as Kesha’s???? Nathalie is soooo hot!!!!!

  14. Marco


  15. babydiabolical

    Great.I’m gay now…like I don’t have enough problems with social acceptance.Thanks Superficial !

  16. Lovefromscandinavia


  17. Ray Sist

    You won’t see an ass that great, that white, that tiny, in the jungle.

  18. Sam

    Don’t get it – hundreds of better asses in hollywood. Also, pretty obviously photoshopped.

  19. joe

    It’s a body double.
    It’s not a thong. It’s a chastitiy belt.

  20. kksilver

    It’s not that I have a problem with her photos…but seriously – looks like an adolescent, not a woman…

  21. Dolton

    Mmmmm, kankles.

  22. Sam

    How hot is she???? Look at those slim boyish hips, My God!

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