1. Ed

    Maybe she can quit being a prude and show her little flappy tits on camera

  2. And so begins the countdown until she returns to smugly looking down on those who dare eat cheese.

  3. Outspoken

    She actually has boobies now. I would love to suck the milk out of them!

  4. Scrambled chicks

    Actually, no animal lover is NOT vegan.
    Male chicks are ground/blended alive or left to starve/dehydrate/sufficate- FOR EGGS.
    Dairy is full of pus, hormones, blood. The calve is cut from the mother and has its neck slit it kicks its legs and tries to scream, then dumped into a bin.
    FUR is from animals skinned alive,
    Piglets (and chickens) are often boiled alive, they have hooks through their which rip open their cheeks to get them to move
    Watch Earthlings if you dont believe me
    There is no difference between a pig and a dog
    So you are pretensious and uneducsated for NOT being vegan so get off your high horse thinking youre better than a vegan, cos youre not, youre no pacifist.

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