1. neo

    She likes her hair pulled – just the way I imagined it in my dreams.

    • May Johner

      So that’s what women look like when they like something? Excellent, so I have been doing it right!

  2. The Royal Penis

    Fucking hot as hell, even with the “I find you distasteful” face.

    I’d stuff her bagel with my cream cheese all day long.

  3. Either that’s n amazing bra or she still has her pregnancy tits. Logical Don says bra, pervert Don says pregnancy tits. Perverted Don wins again. As he usually does.

  4. Deacon Jones

    “Ewww, I feel like such a slutty skank in this outfit/hair combo…”

    “That’s the whole point, you silly girl”

  5. EricLr

    That look on her face explains perfectly why I would cut my own arm off and jump out the window within seconds after my orgasm, just to avoid having to enure the pain of even a few seconds of conversation with this ditz.

    I mean, with progress in medical science, I could maybe get my arm back one day. But I would never get those hours of my life back, listening to her prattle on mindlessly about how great Israel is and the latest fashions.

    • SSHGuru

      Actually she would be the one jumping out the window.

      Natalie Portman graduated high school with a 4.0 and headed off to Harvard where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology. She attended Hebrew University on a graduate level and is fluent in Hebrew, French and Japanese.

  6. DeucePickle

    If I knew I would see her, I would drive the 6 hours it would take me to get to Austin.

  7. Yeah, despite the look of disgust and/or contempt, she looks really, REALLY good right here.

  8. Captain obvious

    Fat bastard voice “I want to put my kids in her bellyyyy” … That’s not outdated right? I can still use that no?

  9. YEs

    See, fat ass broads. Some chicks look hotter after pregnancy. Get on the treadmill!

  10. Viviana

    Hermosa!!! no importa su color de cabello!! un actriz de primera,,,

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