1. Hugh Gentry

    I would like to have Mila’s mouth on my balls, and Natalie taking care of the shaft.

  2. Balls McCoy

    Any chance of me having a productive morning has been ruined.

  3. Holy Mary… can I get in the middle of that?

  4. Dylan

    Wallpaper material.

  5. Guy Rossi

    I never thought Natalie Portman was anywhere near hot

    A man can change his mind….

  6. Can’t blame her, I’d do Mila Kunis too in her place. Or her, in Mila’s place. Or both, in my place, only none of them would do me, so fuck ‘em.
    (Special thanks to Louie CK).

  7. chase

    i would like to see these 2 grils get marryed and have sex and lick each others toungs.

  8. Fuck Me!!!

    If only my cock could be between their wet lips as they kiss

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