1. burton

    wow you can really see all her wrinkles and lines, she has bad skin too…

  2. proactiv please

    she needs proactiv.

  3. M3

    Spotty Mc Spotface

  4. Elle

    She must be having a girl…cause she really broke out.

  5. Ponkur

    My ugly ass is smoother than that forehead.

    Still love her though.

  6. Sarah

    Ah, pregnancy hormones.. they’re a bitch. I had the WORST acne of my life while pregnant. As if feeling like a beached whale wasn’t bad enough. Ugh. At least I got beautiful babies out of it, so it was ultimately worth it…
    Natalie’s beautiful and her baby will be too. :)

  7. aine

    ok guys on her skin – SHE’S EFFIN PREGNANT FOR GOD’S SAKE! Hormones go all wonky and wreak havoc.

    As far as the “face full of murder” (excellent quote btw), I can only assume that the Millipede had to stop drugging her because of the pregnancy, and she has now realised what she is dating…

  8. horsefaceskank

    isn’t she lovely ….ahahaaa

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