1. Troutman


  2. Lacey

    Looks to me like she’s just trying to get something out of her teeth with her tongue. So what?

  3. burton

    she found out she had sex with a man whose last name is a bug..MILLIPIED.lLOLLLLLLLL

  4. I'm on my Period.

    She’s only marrying that Millipied asshole because he’s a kike and her biological clock was ticking away. She’ll realize what a mistake she’s made after the baby is born and file for divorce. Hope she got a prenup.

  5. Mutt

    Are you sure that’s not Hillary Swank?

  6. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    Our fearless writer has spent time around pregnant women.

  7. beakrush

    you do not talk shit about natalie portman, website

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