1. Deryn

    Do the twist!
    Do the fly!
    Do the swim!
    Do the bird!
    Do the duck!
    Do the monkey!
    Hey hey, watusi!
    And what about the frug?
    Do the mashed potato!
    What about the boogaloo?
    Oh, the bony maronie!
    Come on, let’s do the twist!
    AaahDo the twist
    Do the fly
    Do the swim
    And do the bird
    Well do the duck
    Aaah, and do the monkey
    Hey hey, watusi
    And, ah, what about the frug
    Do the mashed potato
    What about the boogaloo
    Oh, the bony marony
    Come on let’s do the twist

  2. Deryn

    Aw, shit. Ruined it with bad copy and paste.

  3. Donald Trump


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