1. Rose

    Breakfast in France is a miserable experience for all involved.

  2. RWFB

    they probably haven’t revealed the name because it is Jewish custom not to reveal the name until the “bris”, which takes place 8 days after the baby is born.

  3. Anna

    how is this picture possible? what is he doing? landing? jumping?

    • AP

      Pretty sure he’s landing. He jumped from the stairs behind him, probably. I thought he was just jumping onto some people’s table at random, but look at the table legs, pretty clearly a sturdy platform made just for this. But still, I’m not sure what’s going on; whatever it is, if it’s released in some form or another, I’m not going to see it, either.

  4. baby jezus

    if men could give birth he would have 1000 children

  5. decalex

    both of these women just got pregnant.

  6. his BFF is kriss angel

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