1. What’s with the guy dressed like a plastic army man in many of these pictures?

    And why am I noticing that instead of boobs?

    *heads to see psychiatrist

    • There are quite a few street performers in and around that part of Berlin (Brandenburg Gate/Reichstag) that dress to look like statues.

      I saw a woman in 1900′s get up – long dress etc. painted up like she was made of stone – on her lunch break, eating a sandwich and having a smoke. Quite bizarre.

      • Roughly the equivalent of the person (people?) who dress up as the Statue of Liberty to pose for pictures for tourists in NYC. I’ve seen her (them?) around for 20 years at least, so the money must be okay.

  2. Is there anyone who actually finds this thing attractive? Between the massive scars, ridiculous implants, and overplumped fish lips, she barely looks human.

    • Yeah, but… vagina.

      A long time ago, someone pointed out to me the difference between being “hot” and being “fit”. I think that may be the case here.

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