1. Jackie

    Not famous.

  2. Devast

    Its like she is a combination of Lohan, Kardashian, and Snooki all rolled into one. One skank to rule them all.

  3. AJ

    who is this?

  4. tlmck

    Vanessa Hudgens has had some work done I see.

  5. skunk


  6. I bet she sounds like a wind chime when you bang her.

  7. james

    a vulgar prostitute from france nothing else, fake too much surgery ! before the surgery she was so ugly ! only 20 years old crazy, she acts like a hoe. She said in france “i only want a man with a lot of money” ! bitchhhhh she’s probably moroccan !

  8. craig

    how much for this prostitute?? not look like a real french??? her name sound like shes arabian and not french ! so ugly girl probably a porn star

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