1. mariebal

    stumpy tree trunks, elephant legs…..needs lots of cardio and toning…..squishy abs, not attractive

  2. mariebal

    also needs arm toning for those ham hock arms…triceps presses..

  3. Aluna

    OH GROSS, What is that saggy skin on her pelvic? Did she have babies or something? And why does she have so much freaking cellulite. She’s not even late 20s yet is she? Look at her knees. Is THAT all it takes to phuck a nba player?

  4. BlackStalyun

    I see the struggle is real, ya’ll. She looks like a younger version of the mob wife Renee Graziano. Jersey Trash! Ray J would never hit dat.

  5. laci b

    squat stumpy, squishy….have you ever seen a gym?

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