1. Colin

    I thought he dated Kim, not Khloe.

  2. Reubenesque…

  3. 10 pounds of sausage in a 5 pound casing

  4. It always breaks my heart to see whales trapped in fishing nets.

  5. So, Crisco is the 5th Element?

  6. elephantman

    Hells bells! I’d hit it! But then again I am the Elephantman!

  7. colt13

    DNA testing? She looks like a cross between Kim Kardashian and Snooki.

  8. This man definitely has a type. He loves the thick Eastern European looking women.

  9. Mitch

    She looks sturdy.

  10. Captain Jerk

    “Hey Gilligan Did You Eat The Skipper??”

  11. Again, oddly enough, I’m kinda digging this look…what is wrong with me?

  12. Where are her nipples? And what is casting that ridiculous shadow on her torso—ohhh, that’s a bathing suit.

  13. It finally happened. They ran out of material to make spanks

  14. Jake

    I’ll say it, I like his style.

  15. SMB

    …i like my women like i like my sausage: thick & juicy. (no, seriously)

  16. tlmck

    Wasn’t there an Elvis song that started “Lardy Lardy Lardy…”?

  17. Beached whale.

  18. Ashley

    “This is my sexy pose. Oh so sensual!”

    “Did I mention I have the herp?”

    “Oh I’m so sexy, oh la la.”

    Herp – even if she were hot. HERP!

  19. bonedaddy

    I think I see the Pequot and Captain Ahab out on the horizon.

  20. Clara

    She used to look so pretty, what happened to her? Why the hell did she mess with her body? She’s really, really terrible looking now!!. I feel sorry for her she must have some serious issues to deal with because its making her act so crazy. Poor girl.Damn Myla you really need some help and I strongly suggest you go and get it in the near future.You need a refund for that nose and those Melons. Ewwwwww Myla just ewwwww what a shame! Learn to pose or something. Where are your friends and family in your hour of need? Learn to love yourself instead of waiting for a certain person to love you because its just making you embarras yourself.Please speak to someone!!

  21. StarryEyes

    She really is an embarrassment. I drop my head in shame and laughter when I hear about her doing some of things she does/says on twitter/etc. I’m mean this girl has ZERO self-esteem. Honey boo boo, he doesn’t want you. Please PLEASE learn that he’s just not that into you. Geez. And stop looking like a 2 dollar hooker while you are at it. You were a booty call that he also used as a phone psychiatrist. Wake up!

  22. This is what I get for saying I wanted to see john leguizamo dressed as Kim Kardashian…

  23. hamlett

    I think she found elements 6-19…and ate them.

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