1. William K. Alsop


  2. tabloidsrus

    such acreepy, Kim K obsessed fan.
    Is this after surgery or before? if after, you should get your $back

  3. The Pope


  4. james bernardinetti

    i think her abdomen area looks big still even after having surgery because she has no muscle tone underneath. She needs to trim up her mid-section by doing lots of cardio, dieting and core exercises. This picture post-surgery is just awful. Sorry

  5. miss candace

    she looks immediately post-partum(immediately after giving birth).
    Her body looks like it’s been neglected for years and she is in her 20s?
    Many women who have given birth and gotten their bodies back with diet and exercise look many times better than this one

  6. jessica from NYC

    awful, not a good result after lipo, she looks so out of shape and overweight still

  7. kevin h

    whoa, that is a big this after surgery? or before

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