1. northern canuck

    lmao, this woman is not even comparable.

  2. No, it didn’t. If you are going to pay someone to get rid of your tummy, aren’t they supposed to get rid of your tummy?

  3. Little Tongue

    “So, tell me, why do you want this surgery done?”
    “Well, my mama always told me to try and be like the people I admire most.”
    “Ok, I see. And what is it you admire most about Kim Kardashian?”
    “She’s famous and she has money.”
    “And you wish to achieve fame and fortune by…”
    “Won’t you just shut the fuck up and liposuck that fat out of me!”
    “Ok. Fine.”

  4. Caroline

    Big hog.

  5. joey

    What a fat disgusting pig.

  6. gloria

    its called exercise!!!!!!!!!! but life would be no fun if we all looked alike

  7. Dick Cum

    Try working out you fat slob

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