1. CptCreep

    Jessica Simpson get man with canckles… Britney get canckles too!

  2. wildelk27

    “Shoot it in the head! It’s the only thing that stops them!”

  3. Yames2000

    Aw this is so sad… you all know good and well that you eat ice cream and that if you had the paparazzi following you 24/7 you would have an unflattering picture like this taken of you at some point. Give the woman a break and let her eat her ice cream in peace!

  4. Dick Face

    Her body has gone to shit…but she still has a nice tongue, which is probable the reason why her man sticks around.

  5. Doc

    Menchie’s is actually Frozen Yogurt… its also non-fat! Better?

  6. jime

    She looks PERFECT! And Preston is so cute.

    • lydia

      i read your comment, looked back at the picture. and laughed. then re read your comment, looked back at the photo, and laughed once more. you’re toooooo funny jime, much too funny

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