1. I admit it, I laughed a little. And by a little I mean a lot.

  2. Debutante

    Too Funny ! Love it ! Mouth like a Mule ! LOL

  3. dying to make you famous

    With all due respect focus on one either acting or a dedicated life helping the suffering. You can’t do both, you must pick one. Your suit could have fed 3 villages for a month in Africa.

    • anon

      Actually, without the high profile he garnered though years of acting work, Clooney’s activism would not have the impact it is currently having. If he elected to retire from acting and devote himself entirely to aid work, his cultural relevance (thus profile; thus attention) would fade, and the causes he supports would gain lesser benefit form his involvement.

      I think it is possible to help other people whilst still enjoying the finer things in life. Happening upon fortune in your life (by working hard and paying your dues in shit roles, as Clooney did) does not mean that you must immediately and equitably distribute it amongst less needy people. The money you spend on your internet bill each month could provide an African child with access to clean water every day, but you choose to prioritise your viewing of celebrity gossip websites. Gain perspective, and help in whatever way you can, as Clooney is. I respect him for using his position to draw attention to causes which receive little attention. Why not channel your anger into a more worthwhile outlet – write to your senator, or do some volunteering in your community. You’ll be a happier, less spiteful, and less bitter person. xoxo

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