1. mike

    HAHAHHa this is so staged some paparazzi rented a UHAUL and parked it out front of their home…rich millionaires dont use UHUAL…this is staged 10000 percent.

  2. Those are two completely different Minis. I love you superficial, but fail, you’ve brought me great dishonor.

  3. Jade

    Hell, they even admitted it was staged. It must be sad to be so obsessed with someone else’s life that they have to resort to this. Pathetic sods.

  4. Hiroyuki

    that he only agreed to film Twilight besucae Kristen was in it. Dear Lord, you fell for that? Here we have an actor that is extremely selective in the roles he chooses (Little Ashes, Remember Me, etc.) where he can showcase his talents and you honestly believe that he chose to play Edward Cullen besucae he was crushing on a girl. Pleasssssseeeeee….do us a favor, before you open your big mouth and show the entire world who the real gullible person is…..think. Think real hard. (This one I truly loved besucae this person is so clueless and attempted to know what she was talking about and you know what they say about people who assume LOL!!. So she assumed that my source was some tabloid. But he actually said he wanted to do Twilight besucae he has a crush on Kristen on the Today Show LOL!! Uh, you know the Today Show on NBC? I attached the link from YouTube in my prior posting take a gander as I pat myself on my back for being right LOL!) Although, I would love for the Robsten theories to be a reality, there is simply not enough evidence right now for me to believe it……Keep the hope alive for that all important announcement from the couple themselves!!! (Keep holding your breath if Oprah can’t get it out of the on May 13th, they’ll never say LOL!!) About the “Rob took the TWL gig for KS” I think the real quote was that he got interested besucae she was in and he liked her as an actress. I think I heard him saying this once, but when he said that it was a completely professional comment, not a love manifest. (Uh, this person can watch the Today Show appearance back in Nov 2008 as well where he actually says it out of his own mouth that he has a crush on Kristen after he saw her in Into the Wild and wanted to do Twilight after he saw her in the movie LOL!)Again, the depression, the wanting the kill her, the denials of his feeling for her trying to blame a misquote from a tabloid when he’s said it out of his own mouth how he feels about her .I could go on but it’s just no fun making people look like fools.So, when you (the pot) tries to call the kettle (me) black by saying how mean and disrespectful I am, just read over your posts to see why I said what I said. The things being said about Kristen and in reference to her relationship to Robert is disrespectful to her. But I’m sure she accepts your apologies especially talking about killing her.

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