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Danica Patrick is Quitting Racing, What The Hell Are We Gonna Do Now?

Now that Danica Patrick is retiring, I have one less reason to never watch Nascar and two more reasons to order Herbie Fully Loaded on Blu-ray. More »

Bill Clinton Kinda Tried to Bang Anna Nicole Smith Once

He also may have admitted to jerking off to a picture of her, but hey… Who’s keeping track around here? More »

Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky Broke Up, If That Does Anything for You

Who would have thought that this mismatch would only last a year?

**everyone raises their hand** More »

So That Pixar Guy, EH?!

Considering the subject matter of 95% of recent posts about men in Hollywood, take a wild guess at why he’s voluntarily taken a leave of absence… More »

Nick Carter is the Worst and Was Accused of Rape (Again…)

“I could be your husband.” – 22-year-old Nick as he forcefully took a girl’s virginity. More »

Hot Links Brought to You by Olivia Wilde on a Paddle Board

Olivia Wilde on a paddle board is finally something that was not accused of any kind of sexual misconduct whatsoever. More »

Invest in a Fallout Shelter: Taylor Swift Is Pissed

Apparently Taylor Swift’s petty fuckery within the music industry has impacted her “reputation” with powerful players on the Grammy selection committee, and her chances of cleaning house next year are dwindling… God help us. More »

Charlie Rose Fired by CBS (No Surprise There)

Another handsy old man who took advantage of his power bites the dust… More »

With a Kidnapping Video on Facebook, Tyrese Has Officially Gone Batshit Crazy

Lots of completely normal people post videos at 3 a.m. showing them yelling at a man covered in baby oil and wrapped up in a tarp… Usually it’s on websites that require a monthly subscription but hey, it counts! More »

Is Ryan Seacrest Getting the Sexual Misconduct Shakedown?

His ex-stylist is seeking $15 million to not tell the media about “demeaning and sexually aggressive behavior.” As you can tell by reading this… it didn’t really work out. More »

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