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Health Experts Call Another Gwyneth Paltrow GOOP Diet BS

Those pesky health experts are trying to ruin Gwyneth’s snake oil empire again! More »

Gal Gadot is Ready to Watch You Eat Your Heart Out Now

With some good olive oil and a pinch of allspice, it could be pretty delicious. More »

Bianca Gascoigne in an Inverse Bikini Thing

So the straps connect in the back? How would you even put that thing on? More »

This Guy Is Directing The Freddie Mercury Movie Now: Hate Him at Your Leisure

Dexter Fletcher will now be directing that Queen biopic that’s been doomed from the jump. More »

Kate Winslet Isn’t Opening That Woody Allen Can of Worms Today

“I think on some level Woody is a woman…” More »

Courtney Stodden Dropped Her Cartoon Boobies Off in a Toys for Tots Bin

It’s the gift that keeps on giving (you coldsores every couple of months). More »

Fergie Was Friggungivin Furd a Speech ‘n Thanks Armie (She’s Drunk)

“Glarbah bagh Armie Hammer ACADEMY AAWARD garba-larb dahbble! Fruggaduh pluh buy my new album at Target.” -Drunk Fergie. More »

Today’s Links Brought to You by Dwight Gooden Covered in Strippers

Cocaine is a helluva drug… More »

Jessica Chastain’s Breasticles, How They Doing?

Let’s check in with Jessica Chastain’s chest because I have bills to pay. More »

Something’s Up With Travolta’s ‘Gotti’ Movie…

When the distributor bails 10 days before release, either somebody’s about to get exposed for unwanted dickplay or the movie is just utter dog shit… considering this is John Travolta I’m gonna call it an even split. More »

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