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People Wearing Weird Shit at the MTV EMAs

Jared Leto was dressed like Willy Wonka training for a boxing match, Demi Lovato skipped a shirt completely, and Rita Ora showed up in just a bathrobe… Euro-style is so CrAzY! More »

LeBron James Tried to Bang This Lady (SPOILER: It’s Not His Wife)

If you were LeBron James and wanted to learn to hunt deer, what would be the first place you’d go? If you answered “this woman’s DM inbox,” then you just earned yourself a Fresca. More »

This Duggarfucker Got Fired From TLC… Kind Of.

TLC cut ties with him for being a transphobic bigot, but they’re still paying his wife and kids to appear on the show. UGHHH. More »

Playmate Ana Braga Brought Her Boobs Outside

Well that’s one way to not get charged for extra guac at Chipotle. More »

Gal Gadot Gives ‘Wonder Woman’ Ultimatum on Brett Ratner

It’s nice to see someone pulling their dick out and making Ratner sweat for a change. More »

Demi Rose Mawby’s Breasts are Things Louis C.K. Didn’t Jerk Off On

Today’s been pretty intense, let’s just go with someone positive here. More »

NY Times: Louis C.K. Likes to Jerk Off in Front of People

Shit just hit the fan. Everybody put on your poop ponchos. More »

Another Woman Accuses Jeremy Piven of Unwanted Dick-Play

Piven is giving Weinstein’s potted plant ejaculation party a run for its money with this one. More »

Kid From ‘Stranger Things’ Reminds Fully-Grown Adults That They Need to Relax

The fact that 14-year-old Finn Wolfhard had to remind his fandom to back off him and his co-stars should make you feel bad. Way to go, guys… More »

They’re Cutting Kevin Spacey Out of The Jean Paul Getty Movie

The craziest part is that Ridley Scott still thinks this movie is coming out in about a month. More »

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