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Harvey Weinstein Is Mayor of Shitsville Right Now

It’s been a minute since we checked in with Uncle Harv and gotten a recap on how his sexual harassment shit storm has developed into a category 5 shitticane, so here are the highlights… More »

Chanel West Coast Handles Security Guard With Grace And Poise

I’m kidding — she called him a bitch and got kicked out of a night club. Here’s a video! More »

The Grammy Nominations Are Here!

Might as well just give Kendrick Lamar a handful of them now. More »

Stephen Belafonte Ordered to Destroy All Those Mel B Sex Tapes

Translation: “Put them in an inconspicuous folder titled ‘tax stuff’ deep within his hard drive.” More »

Is The Weeknd Banging Katy Perry?

Let me rub my crystal ballsack and get back to you… (he’s not). More »

Anna Kendrick on an Ice Skating Robot Thing

I found this contraption they use to help actors seem like they’re ice skating to be pretty interesting… that and Anna Kendrick is like, the cutest. More »

Naya Rivera Arrested for Opening Up a Can of Whoop Ass on Husband

This is actually pretty standard for any West Virginia couple on Thanksgiving. More »

What Does Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Engagement Mean?

Seriously, what does it mean — I have absolutely no idea… More »

Lizzeth Acosta Dropped Her Keys in the Surf

Click here to find out if she found them (or just to see her butt). More »

Kindly Myers is Thirsty After Washing Ashore

Hydration is just as important for wannabe centerfolds as it is for professional athletes. More »

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