1. FuckoYouo

    Let it go, you fucking liberal shithead.

  2. mnsuperbee

    When Jon Hamm does it, it’s a national phenomenon. When Romney does it, it’s just called “disheveled.” Yeesh. Looks like a sad…a sad…the gas pump’s got more going for it.

  3. Duck86

    “Mr. Pump, you should meet Clint Eastwoods chair. You two would get along great. Huh? What? I can’t put you up there!”

  4. Frank Burns

    Forgetting his credit card had been canceled after the election, Romney had to work off his purchase by degreasing the hot dog rotisserie and restocking the Funyuns in the gas station mini-mart.

  5. dirtdog

    Go away!

  6. His hair looks so much grayer since last we saw him. Hum….I wonder why. (#fakeman)

  7. Babelpants

    Nick Nolte is looking better.

  8. zomgbie

    poor mitt.
    wandering around gas mini marts offering everyone free gifts while fondling himself.

  9. Mickey01232000

    He should be holding up he still has $250 million. We got four more years of Obummer.

  10. “…probably was raised in a barn, along with the other primitives.”

  11. Duck86

    “The Hang Over (part 4)”?…all he’s missing is the Mike Tyson face tattoo.

  12. Lisa

    That’s NOT Gary Busey?

  13. Maxx

    Only the Obamazoids would think a conservative worth $250-300 million pumping his own gas is something to celebrate.

  14. blippu

    Bruce Campbell is looking old.

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