1. Gunther


  2. Daryl G.

    I second that. Not that she isn’t attractive or whatever, but she’s not all that at all. I’ve seen girls more attractive than that at every mall I’ve ever been to; isn’t Miss Universe supposed to look better than Miss America? Or Miss Township, for that matter?

  3. jj

    Are her boobs real?

  4. Mike

    For reals?? my girl looks better

  5. brit

    nice cameltoe shield – or is it a Kotex surfboard?

  6. FuckingGringoes

    WTF!!! you gringos shit think you are. Thats why usa never wins anything because your country is full of shit. So F U C K Y O U USA. VIVA MEXICO CABRONES.

    PS: Hey “Americans” Suck my big mexican cock

    • Not Popular

      Dude she’s whiter than 40% of the white people I work with, hardly looks hispanic so calm your racist self before you go all anti USA (which is full of blacks, whites, hispanics, asians, small furry cave dwellers)

      She’s a very pretty girl, but as stated above should she really be Ms Universe? Maybe she scored well in the smarts department, I don’t know. Or care

    • erin

      Fucking Wetback, We can’t win anything because we have to give the underdog Mexicans a chance. Can you name me one Mexican war hero who became a hero because he sacrificed his own life for his people? Can you name me any Mexican who invented something, cured something, fought for something, disovered something, achieved something, won something, etc. Why are there so few Mexican professors, medical drs, lawyers, scientists, engineers, etc Because you’re a dumb race of people. LOW IQs. And your women have horrible bodies: big fat backs and arms/shoulders, no asses, skinny shapeless legs, and all look alike and you men are all 4 feet tall with no body hair – your women have more facial hair than you do. That’s why you’re so angry because you know that we’re better at EVERYTHING we do. I lived in El paso and the Julios couldn’t even build a house right. Their AMERICAN project manager had to keep going behind them and have them do it over. You’re all a waste of good oxygen. Why are all your people trying to sneak over here?? Your country’s a joke. And really, who says gringos? Gringo=an American who lives in a better country with better people. Yeah big insult there.

      • ----

        ” Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
        Martin Luther King

      • alex

        You have serious issues my dear erin. Travel a little, read even more.

      • Blech

        FUCK YOU, erin. You can’t win anything because a lot of immigrants who come here from an array of countries in the world ACTUALLY FUCKING STUDY and WORK unlike your lazy, fat ass. Face it, ho.

      • sarah

        Mexican Doctor: Ignazio Chavez
        Mexican Inventor: Juan Lozano
        Mexican Artist: Orozco Rivera
        Mexican War Hero: Emiliano Zapata

        Did I mention the Aztecs?

      • karla

        You big asshole, Im going to give a history lesson right now.

        Mexican Inventor: Gonzales Camarena invented tv colors just so a dickhead like you could watch The Simpsons.
        Mexican Hero: Juan Escutia and Francisco Villa
        Mexican Writer: Octavio Paz won a nobel prize Im pretty sure you do not even know what that is.
        Mexican supermodel: Elsa Bentitez

        A place like Mexico has way more culture than your ignorant country, can you even find your nose?
        And by the way I am a 5,9 beautiful girl proud of being Mexican. Eat your retarded words…

      • karla

        And Im extremely sure that I am more beautiful and smarter than you and yes IM MEXICAN!

    • bill

      What does Oh Noes White people mean?

    • bill


  7. erin

    Nice face. Bad legs.

    How do border patrol agents suck at life? They are willing to take a bullet to protect innocent people. Holy shit, why don’t people get that illegal immigration is a crime? And most white people could care less WHO the hell wins this stupid contest. We don’t even care that Miss America doesn’t stand a chance in this stupid contest even if she is the best candidate, just based on the fact that she’s American. Caucasian American women are obsolete.

    • Blech

      Douchebag. America should send citizens like you to third world countries where you’ll learn to do… something, anything but spreading the bullshit you’re spreading right now.

      Why don’t you go to Mexico and study the history of Mexico?

      Oh, wait. You wouldn’t go there, would you? Because the drug dealers and military and other officers would make you piss your pants just by looking at you.

      • Beanerssuck

        Mexican history? Who would want to read about how beaners got so brown and stupid? If your country and people are so great why are all of you trying to get into America? If Mexico is so great then fucking stay there you stupid wetbacks.

      • Ray Sist

        Agree with erin and this person. You others disagreeing with them are ignorant

    • tupapa

      Not brilliant at all Beanerssuck and erin. Specially from a country of immigrants. Maybe that’s what the native Americans thought of the English, Dutch and all the rest when they got here. I don’t think some reading will make you any good, what you really need is a brain.

    • sarah

      Maybe they are obsolete because they ate all the chocolate that the Mexicans discovered. Americans are fat. Erin has saddlebags!

  8. Syl

    My oh my! What’s with all the hate! F*ckin KKK!

  9. aimeela

    i’m chick and all you bitches be hatin’ cuz i can honestly say this is one spicey taquito. *sizzles*

  10. hi

    Wouldn’t it be neat if Jimena married a Korean named, Jim Kim. Her name would be Jimena Kim and she would wake up to her husband every morning and say “Good morning Jim” and he would say to her, “Good morning Jim” :)

  11. Jose Cuervo

    I’m 6′, Not a bad IQ – about 140. MA degree. And frankly, I’ll compare my intellect to Erin anyday. And I can probably do just about anything better than Erin with about half the training and in half the time. Sounds to me like Erin is a misinformed child who has picked up incorrect information along life’s path. Probably from listening to her father. Sort of sounds like a blue-collar father mentality doesn’t it? Advice – Travel a little more. read a lot more. learn along the way. You’ll be a better person for it.

    • Blech

      Thank you.

      It’s pathetic that people like erin exist, but I guess she represents the reason this country is crumbling…

  12. Natalia

    Luis Miramontes discovered and wrote a procedure that later was patent as the Modern Birth Control Pill in 1951! I’ve meet plenty of Drs, Dentists, Engineers, etc who are of Mexican decent. One of the most memorable college professors I had was a Mexican Man!

    If you actually were to pick up some books and look at History you’d learn that minorities have been discriminated throughout History. Socio-Economic Status and IQ or intelligence do not always go hand in hand. I feel sorry for you Erin and one day I hope a Mexican person saves your life, or your child falls in love with one; someone needs to dis-conform your hateful stereotypes and Ignorance!

    • Beanerssuck

      LOL it figures that a fucking beaner made the birth controll pill, they saw how ugly all the mexican kids are and needed a way to stop the fat bitches from having any more of the shit-brown and retarted people.

      • tupapa

        Beanerssuck, I’m sure the pill worked for your mother, the problem was your were born from her asshole, so surely when she sits down she swallows the chair. Maybe you are sending your messages just right from there.

  13. Natalia

    Oh and Yes Im Mexican American and 5’6 in Height; And Miss Universe is beautiful and I dont see a Fat Back, flat butt, shapeless legs, nor a hairy body like You invision all Mexican Woman; Shame on You!

  14. chick

    whatever!!! she’s hot and she WON!!!

  15. Sam

    NO women with implants should EVER win Miss Universe, even if they only went for B-cups.

    • karla

      Dude, have you seen Miss America contestants and the last two winners from Miss Universe get your eys checked…most of them have implants of some sort..

  16. Yesenia

    white bitches, sometimes you just gotta learn to loose. and yeah shes really pretty, but of course nobody would like a redneck girl to b a miss. Universe rite, i mean i wouldnt!!!

  17. Yesenia

    I wasnt even gonna say anything, but men those comments on top are pretty fucked up. theres a little bit of everything every where. usa MEXICO, china, europe, everywhere.

  18. Yesenia

    and by little bit of everything i mean lazy ppl, fat ppl, hary ppl, etc. but let me tell you this here where i live white ppl(home less = lazy ppl) because C’mon they got social security # and every thing, DO YALL EVEN KNOW WHAT A MEXICAN WOULD DO TO HAVE A SICIAL #??? but no white ppl rather spend there worthless life, asking for money and that money is not even to eat or go take a shower atleast, they use it to go get drunk and/or drugs. plus they fake there hurt, or like one guy over here in a wheel chair, and the next thing you know when hes bored he moves the wheel chair with hes legs back and forward. lol oh god help the world. And like this other guy said on the top comments talkin about something that the white ppl leave the mexicans dont know how to do shit or something about work, but come on mexicans would do the job for less money but they would do it 100% way better. and and we never took away any work from nobody, mexicans come and do the Hard Work wanna know the definition ok well here it is. HARD WORK= the work that lazy ass white ppl dont wanna do, and that of course mexicans do a better work on it. peace buy.

    • Justin

      No offense, but most people arrive at their opinion on this matter based on what they’ve had the opportunity to experience. So while people from Mexico and the surrounding areas may be just as intelligent and diverse as the rest of us, some have no real option for basing their opinion on anything other than what they’ve been presented with.

      People like the guy I saw last year who was riding around in a stolen wheelchair trying to sell people cigarettes at the smoking area of the hospital (and cigarettes was the only English word he knew) who would get up and push the wheelchair off down the road at the end of the day. Areas of towns and cities that get dubbed ‘little Mexico’ or meaner names that are filthier than the city’s garbage dump. Things like that just paint a really negative picture for a lot of Americans.

      Hell, I don’t like the idea of my child being required to learn Spanish…sure it’s fine if he wants to learn it or any other languages, but he shouldn’t be forced to do so. Kentucky is far enough away from Mexico that you’d think it wouldn’t be an issue, but unfortunately too many here like cheap under-the-table farm and horse labor.

      Personally I think women of Latin descent are hot as hell, but *shrug*, even I can’t completely escape some of the bias as I’m sure probably inadvertently comes through in my writing here. I also work in IT, so ‘cheap labor’ – IE outsourcing – is a rather sore subject for me. Most of those jobs that you act like Mexicans do because we don’t ‘want’ to is really more because they can be paid to do it for less money. Do you think IT analysts want to let some stupid idiot do their job in India or Costa Rica for a few bucks an hour? No, of course not…but their company would rather pay someone $1-5 and hour instead. This is basically the same…a farmer can hire 20 hispanics under the table for the same amount that they’d have to pay 5 guys legit (and that is probably how many employees they’d file out of the 20)

  19. roberto

    Latinas are usually short, hairy, fat and ignorant. I know, i’m Mexican and been around them all my life. This chick won because she aint “white”, big deal. She is ugly and has thick, undefined legs with a flat azz

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