1. Franksinatrastein

    I’m pretty sure that Arizona would pass a law to KIDNAP women who looked like this and drag them across the border into Phoenix, if women like this actually were within 10 miles of the border.

    No, the people coming across the border typically look like Helen Thomas, smell like Rosie O’Donnell, and are marginally smarter than our host here…

    It’s an issue of safety and economics – not skin color. How Hispanic do AZ, NM, TX, etc. have to be before liberals “get it?” Hell, New Mexico is bi-lingual, by their own constitution.

  2. Oh my Lord is she attractive.

  3. Zoro

    Nice, but close on the kankle chart….

  4. Rick's Daddy

    Way to go WHITE POLITICIANS for bowing down to these Mexicans. Just give our whole country away to them…maybe we can drown in diapers as well.

    • Just_As_it_IS

      Your country has been given away long before you were born:

      Your oil is from Mexico
      Your drugs are from Colombia
      Your TV is from Japan
      Your president is from Africa

      The list could go on an on…
      And you wouldn’t drown in diapers, you’d drown in fat from all those hamburgers and pizzas (which are from Italy)

      Besides, it’s Miss Universe, not Miss USA. So chill out, nazi minute bitch.

      • Weird Al

        Trade is a little different from welfare fraud don’t ya think Just_As?

        When someone sells me something, we both win.

        If someone comes over the border and gives birth for the explicit purpose of committing welfare fraud against the U.S. taxpayer….well, we lose.

      • yuppers

        nice you shut him up

      • tupapa

        You are really weird. When someone comes over the border is for working for a gringo, so both win.

    • RATA

      You sir, are an imbecile.

      • Just_As_it_IS

        Totally Agree Mr. Yankovic. Although I don’t see where trade comes in the picture as far as the president comment. Plus, I don’t think our winner here crossed the border to commit fraud (she lives in Mexico).

    • trebol

      first read some books of history and you wil see that this ” country” is nothing but stolen land from MEXICO . Around of half USA territory is not so USA

    • Rick's Mommy

      Did you mean, give their land “BACK” to them? Also, are you saying that Mexicans DO have to bow down to white people? That’s not right either…Shame on you! Damn ignorant racist!!!

  5. shit taco

    I like her fuzzy arm hair!

  6. JChief

    If she ever needs any sour cream for her taco, I can fill the bill.

  7. onceler

    mmmmm hot!

  8. jaybles

    shes got some bruising on her legs. I love it

  9. wtf

    I wonder if she is a Spaniard (white), Mestizo, or Mexican Indian?

    • BESP

      ehhmm, my guess: clearly, not white, nor mexican indian (definetely)…she’s that what’s called ‘Mestizo’, breed of Native Indian and European. Obviously her direct ascendants are not Mexican Indian, maybe europeans on one side, but mostly sure are mestizos as well.

    • RATA

      Who the fuck cares? she’s gorgeous.

  10. jonathan a. squires

    Jimena looks like a young Erin Burnett from CNBC

  11. Jigaboo

    The amount of wax it must take to get all of that hair off her has to be mind boggling.

  12. gil

    She wouldn’t survive 2 minutes in Arizona.

  13. Kerryn

    That’s Ms Australia youve got there first

  14. Mars

    Don´t be ignorant my friend, Im from Mexico City, we have beautiful girls and we are normal peoples too, we cry and smile, we have in Mexico,Mercedes Benz, Ferraris,McDonalds, Gucci, Playstations, Ford, Ihop´s, beautiful cities we are fat, skinny, old and young peoples, white, brown and tall and shorts…Like US!! For Example, I have a great work, my wife has beautifulgreen eyes and she´s white like me, and we have problems too, like racism , violence and all that bullshit!
    In cities like Jalisco, Durango, Nuevo Leon, Mexico City, we have sooo beautiful girls, like Miss universe!! If you don´t know about us, please don´t say all that stuff. Look!!!!!! we have cities too!! not just towns with mariachis!!

    Common guys, we have good and bad things!!


    • sam

      It’s true… over here in Mexico some of us have nice things… we don’t use donkeys as our primary way of transportation and we do have very pretty girls in some cities…. my friend Mars over here is confusing cities with states (what’s up with that?)… the bottom line (heh!) is that generalizations tend to be for the worst at least for us Mexicans… I know there are a lot of us over there in the US and most of those specimen are not our finest… but you should come check us out before making up your mind about us… i believe you will be impressed… not always in a bad way… and… at least you will be better informed….

    • RATA

      Why do you even bother to try to convince people how civilized we are, or how white some people can be? there’s no need to prove that there are white, brown, yellow or fucking blue people in Mexico. Who cares???

      We have gorgeous girls as we have butt ugly ones… I believe that rule applies to every single place on the planet.

      Fuck the haters, embrace the culture and let them be as dimwitted as they can.


    • Weird Al

      Thank you.

      However, it’s not dim witted to point out the drug war that Mexico is facing….it’s just honest.

      • ryno

        Typical Americans. So effin ignorant. Spouting off racist idiotic comments and never having a clue what they are talking about. They think all of us in Canada live in igloos. They don’t have a clue about other countries and so many havent even left their home state. Ignorant pricks.

  15. captain america

    let’s hope the DRUG-CARTELS are out of business now.

  16. kidchaos

    If you took away the 10 pounds of makeup, this could very well be a Mexican boy with implants. Very unimpressed. That said, she/he still looks better than any of the Mexicans I have seen.

  17. Loberto

    Creo que hay mucha ignorancia de mucha gente, con respecto a lo qu hoy es Mexico invito a que lean y conozcan mas del Mexico Actual

    I think there is much ignorance of many people, with respect to what is now Mexico invite you to read and know more of Mexico today

  18. Marcos

    Hey Mars i’m from Mexico City and straight up she is the exception, not the rule. Most of the chicas here are fat, hairy and ugly. I love when i have to go to the US, even the latinas are hotter. Miss Universe has fake ta ta’s and two inches of makeup on. I don’t even agree that she was the best looking that night either. Gotta say that pageant is obviously political and since Russia won a few years ago i haven’t seen one that was really all that. Miss Universe caters to the faker pageant girls, super tall. I personally prefer petite chicas, with natural curves. They are representing the country they are from, not a plastic surgeon. Which by the way she had a nose job done, most Mexicans have huge noses.

    • Damon

      ROFLMAO. You hit every point, all cultures have pretty and ugly girls. Mexico has way to many ugly, this one has fake tits, thick undefined legs and way to much makeup! Must have been a slow year for this pageant.

  19. i loled

    looks pretty until you get to those tree trunk legs, god damn

  20. She can be my Chili Bean!

  21. fafa

    lol jealous people….shes awsome

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