1. The Old Man

    And I settled for a donut? FML

  2. Jaime

    Can you say, “Thunder Thighs?”

  3. Mike

    Hey that guy dresses the same as me, could it be my long lost twin brother who was lost at sea and ironically wanted by the Federales

  4. the crazy betty

    she looks so fresh and clean with that tattoo.

  5. Chavabirria

    OMG look at those legs so yummi

  6. Throb the Wonder Mule

    Thru the ‘gap’, you can see her huge ass cheeks hangin’ down !

    Awesome !

  7. Gin&Tonic

    from the waist up I’m with the old guy in the background, waist down those are some ugly ass legs

  8. sausagelegs

    ugly short sausage legs …
    no way !
    ugly face …
    implants …
    ya’ll can keep that ! lol nasty …

  9. tool

    @ sausage legs and you can keep your hand. As if you have any opportunities for rejection

  10. You people are pathetic. So mad about your own disgusting appearance and mad about your pathetic lives you have nothing better to do than sit on here and bash this beautiful girl. You people sick and disgusting.

  11. Alan Alda's Nutsack

    Holy poor diet Batman. Bet she takes big smelly dumps for an hour at a time.

    That physique takes hard work of drinking large coffee with extra cream, 3-5 times a day and smoking a few packs of darts daily.

  12. She is spectacular — so much so that the old duffer just inhaled a bite of his donut down the wrong pipe. QUICK…someone perform the Heimlich maneuver on the old guy while I perform the Hind-Lick maneuver on that hot chick!

  13. Check out the botched lipo on her stomach

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