1. lara


  2. ThisWillHurt

    If Daisy Duke were real and dead, she’d spin in her grave.

  3. The Pope

    I didn’t know that you could drink butter through a straw.

  4. Fredical

    Now that’s she’s a proper whale, that look of low self esteem is permanently pressed into the flabby folds of her face. Easy pickin’s, gentlemen.

  5. John Travolta

    I have an idea. Why don’t you all stfu and leave her alone. She minds her own business, works, and doesn’t get into trouble any more. I’d say she’s grown into a more mature individual person than many of you.

  6. Toe Jam

    Call me crazy, but, is anyone else turned on? I like my lay-deez kinda on the thick side. In other words, I’d harpoon it. :D

  7. Deacon Jones

    I just sent this to an old buddy of mine who had a crush on her in the “OC” days, and he wrote back “Why don’t you try doing some work, you fucking asshole! Thanks for burning this into my being”

  8. She all meaty. She looks like her vaginny’s like a boxer’s glove or like two pounds of bread dough

  9. MrButt


  10. Me

    I feel sorry to see her like this again… You don’t blow up like that, as a star especially, by being happy. Stuff is not going well for her…

    • Jenna

      So true. Speculation is that the weight gain is from being on anti-depressants. Youcan tell by looking at her in these pics that she’s very uncomfortable and not happy. People on this site need to STFU with their rude comments. Sometimes it’s glaringly obvious that it’s not cool to make fun of someone, and this is one of those times

  11. Aggie

    She’s undoubtedly gained weight, but it’s mostly the outfit that’s the problem here. High waisted shorts are nearly universally unflattering, and the top is unfitted, making her entire midsection look bulky. Also, heels are your friends when wearing shorts; they elongate the body and make legs looked toned. All this really proves is she can no longer afford a stylist.

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